When the UN dubbed Israel the #1 Health Rights Violator in the World, Avi knew how to respond

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Avi Abelow, Israel advocate, movie producer and distributor is infuriated by the nonsensical decision of the U.N. to honor Israel with the title of the number one health rights violator of the world. It is no wonder that such statements are being made, with human rights abusive countries such as Iran, Syria, China, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia on human rights councils in the UN and even on the human rights council. It is incredible but true that many other countries played along with this ridiculous game of lies and slander. When will the UN stop terrorizing Israel? It will only happen when the UN is made up of just and humane countries that believe in supporting human rights and defending those who are mistreated throughout the world.
Join Avi as he points out what Israel is really doing for human health rights.

Published: June 15, 2015
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