Where is the Outcry?

The Mount of Olives is the oldest continuously used cemetery in the world. The most esteemed Jewish scholars and religious leaders are buried there. Since the times of the first Temple, over three thousand years ago, over 100,000 Jews have been buried on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem. There were many, throughout the ages, that had never lived in the land of Israel, yet asked to be taken to the Mount of Olives to be buried.
Traveling to the Mount of Olivese to perfrom a burial or visit a grave have not always been easy. In the 1940’s when Muslim violence against the Jewish inhabitants became unbearable, burials were done infrequently, and families sometimes had to wait days or over a week to bury their dead with other bereaved families under the armed protection of the Jewish defense groups. From the winter of 1948 when the cemetery came under Jordanian control until the Six Day War in the spring of 1967, Jews could not access the Mount of Olives. Vandalism of the graves and monuments was commonplace.
Today, the cemetery is officially under Israeli control. Yet, because of its close proximity to the Muslim neighborhoods of Jerusalem the cemetery is defiled again and again. Israel, afraid of public opinion, has not cracked down on the Muslim hooligans who take pleasure in destroying Jewish graves.
When will the Israeli People be able to defend the most basic of human rights and feelings of its own People in its own Land?

Published: December 25, 2015
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