Why The UN BANNED This Video.

Hillel Neuer, the CEO of UN Watch, a human rights NGO based in Geneva Switzerland, finally just came out and said what we’d all like to say. There’s a problem when countries such as China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Pakistan, countries that are known violators of human rights sit as members of the human rights council of the UN. The human rights council, as Neuer so shrewdly points out, is not really fulfilling it’s mission of defending human rights throughout the world. How can it? So many countries who are represented on the council are violators of human rights.

Hillel Neuer was the speaker who gave up his two minutes of speaking time in order to allow the three Israeli mothers whose sons had been kidnapped to speak in Geneva at this very council. Of course the members of the council remained non-plussed. They resisted admitting that the boys had been abducted, and chose not to recognize their humanness. Members of the council discussed them as “missing settlers”.

Could it be that Neuer has a point? Could “Israel bashing” be the new mission of the Human Rights Council of the UN?

Published: April 8, 2017
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