World: Meet the RICHEST place in the universe.

At first glance, the Negev doesn’t appear too attractive. Today, when people travel they look for things that are colorful and fast-moving, and the Negev has a different appeal altogether. The silence, the vast space of the brown and red rocky desert mountains, wadis (dry river beds which flow with water after the winter floods), the high sand dunes, and the deep and vast machteishim (craters. distinct to the Negev alone).

Many people from biblical times to the present, chose to live in the Negev, and, at some point, one begins undertand their motivation. The Negev is truly beautiful. It’s hot and dry, but it is also vast, glorious and spiritual. In the quiet immenseness, one can hear an inner voice and see things that are often missed. A visit to the Negev, the birthplace of the Jewish People, lets one connect to history, nature, beauty and God.

There is so much there, you just need to become aware of it and experience it.

Published: June 28, 2017
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