Yom Hazikaron Israel Memorial Day Filminar

Bring “Yom Hazikaron” (Israel’s Memorial Day) to your Community with Ma’aleh films: *How do Israelis deal with Yom Hazikaron?
* Is there only one way to memorialize?
* In what way does Yom Hazikaron unite the Israeli society? and more…

Single package with 3 films +discussion guide = All for $40

By downloading you will receive the following 3 movies: Tofu, By the Way of the Wadi & The Diary with the added bonus of an on-screen discussion guide led by Einat Kapach.

Perfect for schools, community centers, families and all Jewish and Zionist organizations that host a Yom Hazikaron ceremony.

Click here to order the immediate download of the movies and discussion guide before Yom Hazikaron, and you have an authentic Israeli program for your community to mark this significant day on the Jewish calendar.
(This year Yom Hazikaron is Tuesday evening April 24th and Wednesday April 25th)

Published: April 19, 2012
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