You Will Not Believe What These Divers Found Off The Coast of Caesarea

What would you do if you were in a scuba diving club which decided to take a dip in mid February off the coast of Ceasarea, when suddenly you spot, along with others in the group, a pile of gleaming coins, twelve meters under water?
Tzvika Feuer, Kobi Tweena, Avivit Fishler, Yoav Lavi and Yoel Miller of the Cesarea Harbor Scuba diving club knew just what to do. They reported to the club manager who called the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority).
There was quite an archeological hullabaloo at the site as the IAA divers uncovered close to 2000 gold coins dating back 1000 years.
Archeologists are thrilled with the find as many of the coins were minted in different places on various dates and provide an abundance of information about that historical period.
What’s incredible is how many archeological discoveries are made in Israel all the time. The Holy Land was a very busy societal center for thousands of years. It’s hard to dig, dive, or build without encountering another piece of ancient history.

Published: March 3, 2015
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