You Won’t Believe What is Happening to Children All Around the World

FGM. Female Genital Mutilation, is a Islamic authorized form of child abuse. The pain and horror that young girls go through during one of these operations, is nothing compared to the devestating trauma, physical pain, medical complications and, at times, death, which follow.

The horrifying practice, meant to “promote virtue” in Muslim girls and women is another way in which the Muslim world tries to subjugate women. In Egypt, the practice was outlawed after it led to several deaths of young girls, yet the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as other Muslim Egyptian leaders are fighting to legalize the practice once more. Yusef Al-Badri, one of the Egypt’s most prominent preachers expalins that the practice is “ordered by shariah [religious law] from Allah.”

It is hard enough to fight the horrible suffering of many populations in the world. It’s even harder when those causing the suffering claim that their inhumane practices were ordained by God.

This is a ghastly, yet important video that needs to be seen.

Published: September 13, 2017
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